Welcome to my blog that is devoted to educate, discover, and advocate for disability homeownership! My name is Angela Fox and I started this blog after my own challenges of buying and modifying my first home to be wheelchair accessible. Back in 2010 I saw an opportunity to buy in the DC area that normally I could never afford but for the fact the housing market crashed. I didn’t think I would be totally alone in this process because the market was flooded with out of work real estate agents who I hoped had the extra time (and desire) needed to help me find my future dream home. I soon discovered that the opportunity for first time homebuyers’ programs did not include the disability community and real estate agents was just as exclusive to the idea. 

I didn’t accept the discrimination of not being included as a viable buyer from the housing industry. I relied upon my education (Juris Doctorate) and my lifetime of grit to unlock the mystery of becoming a disable homeowner. If you want to know more about my journey and have a general roadmap on buying and modifying a home for mobility disabilities, please purchase my book called “My Blue Front Door” found on Amazon. You can also visit my book’s website; www.angelafoxbooks.com

Buying a home for anyone is daunting but for a person with a disability, the considerations are just as long as the complexity of disabilities found in the world. Resources and organizations devoted to housing for disabilities are primarily focused on low-income residents and the homelessness. So much so that it has overshadowed (unintentionally) the need and benefits of becoming a home owner and not a renter. With little attention drawn to homeownership, has caused many to believe that it is not economically feasible or safe for the disability community.  Yet as I stated in an episode of my podcast, Accessibility Is Home, found on Podbean and on my book’s website, that focusing on just rental property is a single story of many possible other stories for disability housing. So don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t have the means to be a homeowner, whatever that might look like to you!

I didn’t want this single story to be others people’s stories too. Hence the creation of my blog was born out of a need to pull resources that could help others. This blog is divided up into articles that help advocate and educate key pillars that are unique to being a disable homeowner: Financing, accessible design, selling accessibility, independently living, laws/regulations, and resources/advocacy. 

I can’t do it alone. If you have resources or ideas that you think could help the disability community be included in the American dream of being a homeowner, please email me at  contactme@angelafoxbooks.com