On February 25, 2019, I quickly closed up my office after a long day starting at 5 am and hopped on public transit to attend the Inaugural Disability Collection in downtown Washington, DC.  After two years of hard work from disability advocates, Verizon and Getty Images,  a photo collection of a featuring individuals with disabilitiesContinue reading “FACEBOOK HOUSING ADS DISCRIMINATE”

Freelancing Accessibility

There probably hasn’t been a better time to be a freelance journalist. As a freelancer, you can choose many different venues to showcase your writing skills and make money. You set the rules.  There are really no boundaries. The same can be said about showcasing accessible homes for sale. There are two main websites thatContinue reading “Freelancing Accessibility”

The Disabled community’s Home Buying Power by States.

Prior to the housing markets, banks had no problem with lending money to low income and other disenfranchised groups. The loans provided a very low mortgage payment and interest rate for only a set time period. Once the time period ended, a large balloon payment became due and interest rates spiked. This practice created inContinue reading “The Disabled community’s Home Buying Power by States.”